How to Hang Out the Greenwash

Greenwashing is a dangerous practice that individuals, governments and especially companies employ to justify and hide their actions.  Greenwashing depends on the complexity of the environmental problems that means it is easy to confuse the public and repack something as green. The marketing machine can cover any dirty smears with a vivid imagination and a [...]

9 Reasons Not to Drink Bottled Water But One Reason Why It’s Not so Bad for the Environment

Bottled water epitomises the destructive, extravagant and wasteful nature of our modern society.  Bottled water has  therefore developed into a hate figure of the environmental movement but why is it so bad for you and the environment: 1)      Carbon Footprint Bottled water adds food miles to a basic necessity through transportation from one water basin [...]

5 Reasons Why China Will Turn Green

China is often used as a scapegoat in global environmental politics; however China may just be the country to lead the charge into a green and sustainable economy.  China’s relationship with the environment will need to change because the basis of its economic growth may well crumble before the country has even joined the rich [...]

Green Tips & False Realities

In the fight for sustainability and environmental stability what people belief as good is often the opposite.  Through false information, ignorance and greed man is walking into oblivion by not understanding the full connectivity of the natural system and the affect of his actions. After zooming into work on my bike I am hot and [...]

Fossil Fuels Grip on the Modern World: False Subsidies?

Politicians tell us that we are dependent on oil because there is alternative.  Oil is what makes the world go round.  If that is the case why does the industry receive so much in subsidies? “If you put together tax breaks, feed-in tariffs and other forms of government support, the renewable energy industry received between [...]

Green Tip #1: Fly Less

So maybe it is not yet the biggest evil in the world, but flying is growing up to be a major source of CO2.  It is the fastest growing source of carbon dioxide and our weekend trips with the most inefficient form of transport (apart from Space travel) mean that our personal carbon footprints are [...]