7 Green Tips That May Lose You Friends

Have you lost friends from your hippy ways? Probably not and if you have they were not really the sought of friends you need. Humans are social beings and therefore we do not like to stick out. Some green tips may do that however. Here is a rundown of the few that I have come [...]

The Model & the Hippy: What Can Environmentalists Learn From fashion?

Child labour, water pollution, fur and throwaway society: can environmentalists really learn anything from the fashion industry? At first glance the answer is a straight out no for me. The two interest groups are at the opposite ends of the green scale, but maybe environmentalists need to think again. The fashion industry has supposedly greened [...]

Energy Efficiency: A Lost Opportunity?

We all burn unnecessary amounts of energy; if we used more efficient machines and lived in warmer houses we would be able to reduce our energy demand massively (approximately by the amount that renewable energy is producing today), create thousands of green jobs and reduce our CO2 emissions. So why arn’t we picking the easiest [...]

Eco-Goodies & Baddies: Which Way Will We Turn?

The greening of society is dominated by two sides that are fighting over our little village, the eco goodies who are hippies & their political supporters and the eco baddies who are the companies that are trying to provide us with what we want.  Both sides accuse the other of setting fire to the wheat [...]

What are Carbon Footprint Labels?

The eco label is crucial if we are going to implement carbon allowances. Without carbon labels the consumer cannot make informed decisions and the state cannot tax him for the products that he has consumed. Why do products not already wear the carbon label? The carbon lifecycle of a product is extremely complex.  From production [...]

The Pros & Cons of Carbon Allowances

Let’s bash out the positive and negative aspects of carbon allowances. Could they solve the problem of man’s ever increasing CO2 emissions or are they just an excuse for new taxes? Personal carbon allowances for you, me and everybody are crucial to our safe landing from runaway climate change, but could this just be utopian [...]