Renewable Energy: The Possibilities Are Endless

Renewable Energy’s growth can be dramatic, just look at Portugal, Germany, Spain or California in recent years. Renewable Energy is booming and the technological advances are hitting the headlines like celebrity scandals.  Are we actually on the brink of safe, endless, clean energy for everybody and what does it mean in the fight against Climate [...]

Respecting Yourself Saves the Planet

Me society is here. We’re all individuals loving ourselves and consuming ourselves stupid, but maybe this me society can just kick start a green evolution. We need to start buying, living and working green. We need to kick our carbon habit and build a sustainable society. Our problem is that we do not currently respect [...]

German Cities: What Can We Learn About Car Use?

Often culture is used as a reason for differences in cycle use. Europeans love to bike, the Dutch love to bike, but two German cities, Munich and Hamburg show how this may not be such an important factor. Müncheners and Hamburgers (I hope the second is the right name) live in very wealthy cities at [...]

Edison’s Light Bulb: Why Are We So Sentimental

Modern Man is the most successful species ever to walk this planet thanks to technology. From the steam engine to the iPhone we have built a modern society built on technology advance. Nothing symbolises man’s step into the modern world more than the Light Bulb. Can some people not stand the new energy efficient light [...]

Smoking is Bad for Your Planet

The most littered object on the planet is not beer bottles, or plastic bags but rather the humble fag butt. Smokers are the biggest litters. Why are we not jumping on smokers? Do we really have a problem? From plastic bags to burnt-out cars nothing riles people more than something unsightly. Cigarette butts however are [...]