One Meal With Meat a Year for the Environment?

Oops my weekend was not very vegetarian of me; I ate half a duck.  I went with a friend to a local Bavarian restaurant and was too tempted by the meat on the menu (although the temptation was better than the actual duck). Should I really have a bad conscious? Is Eating meat really so [...]

Why Are Electricity Prices Increasing With the Use of Renewables?

Most countries are seeing above inflation electricity price rises. Renewables’ promise to provide cheap, abundant green electricity does not seem to be coming true. In some countries, for example Germany, the prices are rising with increasing use of renewable electricity. In January 2011 German electricity prices will rise again by an average of 6.9 % [...]

Most Frightening Website Ever For Environmentalists

The Website Worldometers shows the statistics of the world that are possibly the most frightening to an environmentalist and should be to every human being: the massive growth in population, the number of undernourished people and the amount of CO2 puffed into the atmosphere.  Statistics that when seen as tickers spiralling upwards show that the [...]

Why Would Anyone Drive?

At the weekend I was driving and surprise surprise I still do not get the appeal.  Can somebody help me; what makes driving so great? Why do Americans spend 15 days every year *sitting in a small tin box on wheels? Why do we continue to destroy the planet for the little metal monster? Why [...]