7 Planet Saving Tips That Do You Good Too

Let’s take a look at being an eco-hero and how it can just maybe lengthen your life.  What is good for the planet is often good for you.

1)      Walking & Cycling

Driving is part of our modern sometimes silly society.  It is also quite a deadly form of transport due to road traffic accidents and air pollution. By leaving the car at home you are forcing yourself to walk or cycle. Even small amounts of low intensity exercise can have dramatic effects on personal health if carried out regularly. I have left out an example as the number of medical studies that show the reductions in cancer, heart disease & obesity are staggering.

The benefits for the environment are clear reduced local noise, and air pollution.  Not to mention the impact on your personal CO2 emissions. You are no longer fuelling yourself as much with fossil fuels.

2)      Going Vegan, Vegetarian or at least Part-Time Vegetarian

Cutting out the meat or even better all animal products reduces your saturated fat levels: a major cause of heart disease and obesity. Am I sounding like a government advisory advert yet? Even reducing your meat intake slightly can have massive health benefits.

The environmental benefits are almost as spectacular as those for your temple. Deforestation due to animal feed production, a step in the food chain missed out resulting in massive energy savings and animal cruelty reduced.

3)      Turning the TV/Computer/Mobile off for an hour

Time is a precious source and thinking is an important way to relive stress.  Turning off technology and being with yourself really helps to define your goals and to be successful. It may sound quite hippy, but it really does work.

Turning things off reduces power consumption. Keep it simple.

4)      Turn the Heating down

Turning down the heat means you burn more fat. Snuggling up in a jumper, under a quilt or next to someone is also quite a nice feeling instead of getting a sweat on every time you do a bit of cleaning or drink a hot drink with sauna level heating.

I have still not found any stats on whether the extra food consumption wipes out the reduced energy bill for the environment. Logically however heating from inside instead of heating your whole environment has got to be more efficient.

5)      Cooking From Scratch

It may take a little bit more time but it is healthier and you learn what you are putting into your body.  Why would you trust the processed food industry? They look for the cheapest and most efficient ingredients and the nutritional value is normally only a secondary concern. They are too self-interested; for example cow milk is a lot harder to digest than goat milk, but cows produce more milk and are easier to keep than goats. Hence cow milk dominates the market.

The reheating of processed foods is a waste of energy.  It also involves more food miles as the raw ingredients instead of going straight to the supermarket have to first go to the processing plant.

6)      Consuming Less

I have the urge to go shopping just as much as the next person, but I resist and instead of spending my weekends in the shop I go out in the fresh air, read or relax. Shopping is a distraction from reality and therefore it is a favourite pastime of modern man. We shop to define ourselves when in reality we should shop to cover our needs.

Consumption is a major headache for planet earth.  Thoughtless consumption is the most damaging as the lifespan of ill thought out purchases are a lot shorter.

7)      Quit Flying

Hmm a health benefit?  Noise pollution and local air pollution around airports are a severe problem for the neighbours. For the passengers there are also the risks of poor air quality in cabin.

Ok the health benefits are a bit weak, but flying is such a fast growing source of personal carbon that it is like playing Russian roulette.  There is of course also the theory of Karma.

Being environmentally friendly is part and parcel of loving yourself.  If you cannot do it for yourself, the environment is likely to suffer as you are less likely to combat the indirect destruction you are having upon yourself.

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