9 Reasons Not to Drink Bottled Water But One Reason Why It’s Not so Bad for the Environment

Bottled water epitomises the destructive, extravagant and wasteful nature of our modern society.  Bottled water has  therefore developed into a hate figure of the environmental movement but why is it so bad for you and the environment:

1)      Carbon Footprint

Bottled water adds food miles to a basic necessity through transportation from one water basin to another (sometimes thousands of miles away).  Previously we had done this with pipes and pumps; bottled water relies on lorries and plastic. Unnecessary movement means energy is burnt, carbon is released and we make one of our most basic needs yet more carbon intensive.

2)      Waste of Oil

Transporting a heavy element results in wasted oil as does the manufacture of the bottles  to hold that live giving substance.  In a time of peak oil we should not be wasting oil.  We need to preserve this oil for the manufacturing  of food and plastics that we will need in the future.

3)      Plastic Rubbish

Finished with drinking  our spring water the majority of us will the throw that plastic bottle into the dump.  We are turning one of our most precious resources into rubbish that will then sit in a landfill site for about 450 years or get washed into the sea. Worldwatch Institute highlights the problem:

Each year, about 2 million tons of PET bottles end up in landfills in the United States; in 2005, the national recycling rate for PET was only 23.1 percent, far below the 39.7 percent rate achieved a decade earlier.

This rubbish is not necessary and it just means more waste, less oil and more costs for both the environment and humanity.

4)      Expensive Luxury

Here is a nice calculator to estimate how much bottled water costs you personally extra (unfortunately it excludes the externalised environmental costs).  The average consumer gives out an extra $500 per year.  That is quite some fancy waste of money.

5)      Morally Disgusting

Look at the above statistic.  We spend that extra so that our water can be wrapped in plastic.  800 million people have no access to clean water.  To reach the sanitation and safe water Millennium goal would take some US $ 11.3 billion per year.  Americans drinking bottled water works out at 150 billion dollars; how can we morally justify that!

6)      Less Regulated

In the US at least this is the case because tap water falls under the EPAs mandate whereas bottled water, being classified as a food, falls under the authority of the Food & Drug Administration which has weaker regulations.  Drinking botttled water means that the company supllying that water has less regulation and the ability to cut corners. Why would you risk it?

7)      Bad for your Health

Plastic when in contact with water leaches Phthalate which can cause cancers or infertility (so much for part of a healthy lifestyle).  There is also the debate whether we expose ourselves to chemicals through drinking or breathing as Sandra Steingraber points out in Having Faith:

the sense of safety offered by bottled water is a mirage. It turns out that breathing, not drinking, constitutes our main route of exposure to volatile pollutants in tap water, such as solvents, pesticides, and byproducts of water chlorination. As soon as the toilet is flushed or the faucet turned on—or the bathtub, the shower, the humidifier, the washing machine—these contaminants leave the water and enter the air. A recent study shows that the most efficient way of exposing yourself to chemical contaminants in tap water is to turn on a dishwasher. [...] We enjoy the most intimate of relationships with our public drinking water, whether we want to or not.

8)      Marketed Rubbish

It is supposed to make you healthier, younger and sportier, but so does tap water.  When Coca Cola launched its Dasani Water in 2004 it was actually water from London’s mains supply and not from a spring at all.  Another pointless industry supported by clever propaganda, oh sorry I mean advertising.

9)      Encourages Privatisation

Through removing the richest from the water supply you discourage them to invest in the public infrastructure.  This privatization in some countries means that water is becoming something of a luxury instead of a basic right.  In America there are social movements trying to protect locals historical rights to their water from bottled water companies.

But wait, Is it really all bad?

10)   Does it not take market share from more energy intensive drinks?

It is now fashionable to drink bottled water and people are moving away from other drinks that are not delivered by the tap and are yet more energy intensive thanbottled water.  It can be argued that the shift to bottled water is causing the milk or juice industry to lose market share.  Bottled water is  therefore actually helping the environment.  The only problem is that we could achive yet a greater carbon saving when people switched from milk, juice and cola to tapped water instead of bottled.

We have created new jobs, new money and a new industrial sector through the bottled water industry but at the same time we have created a major headache for the environment. There is a simple remedy to this headache: it’s a tap and a stainless steel thermos.

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19 Responses to “9 Reasons Not to Drink Bottled Water But One Reason Why It’s Not so Bad for the Environment”

  1. Totally agree! I’m in the water business and I test bottle water everyday, most of them are pretty much tap water with a label on it that make it looks good, but it is not!, Tap water is cleaned by every city but runs through miles of rusty pipes before getting to people’s houses so what we get is water full of rust and all kind of contaminants. Filter is the solution, specially those that you can hook up under your kitchen sink because you use it not only for drinking but for cooking too!!.
    Im located in Orange County, southern California, contact me for any questions.
    Thanks and have a healthy life!
    Guillermo Maldonado

    • Atmaram Pal says:

      Then how to get neat and clean water for common people…???

      • HI its me... says:

        U drink tapped water, I know u may be thinking taped water is bad and not clean, but it is. Water bottle companies just put the tapped water in the water bottles. So would you rather just get tapped water and drink it from the sink (its clean!) or would u rather buy water bottles which cost money and can give u bad effects on ur health such as cancer? Its ur decision

        For more further information, just search it up and you will find out everything. Or just watch a documentary called TAPPED. It tells u everything u need to know. The whole documentary is really and full of trustful information. If u have any more questions, just ask.

        • Dontask123 says:

          Please use proper grammar, this “U” referring to “You” it is pretty annoying to read. Please use the word “You” besides “U” it takes two more keystrokes to type and is much more pleasing to read and looks overall greater, and also makes you look some what more professional. Thanks.

          • Duh says:

            He is using short hand typing because he is on a phone. Not a full keyboard. Stop criticizing people on forums for grammar.

  2. Sabrina says:

    Hello, i find this article very amazing. I love reading these kind of things, they inspire me. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS! I LOVE YOU MAN!

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  9. Fantastic reasons. I banned plastic a few years ago. I am so proud of my decision. I use only glass cups and reusable bottles when I am outside. Thank you for sharing such a useful information. Best regards!

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