What is the Quiet-Environmentalist?

Quiet-Environmentalist is a site for all those that are interested in Green issues, the politics surrounding the Environment and the crazziness of modern capitalism.

Who is George banthorp?

Born in Sunny Suffolk in East England I grew up in a middle-class family.  Got an excellent eductaion.

At Uni I turned political because of my course, Geography. I became very interested in Green Issues and changed my lifestyle.  Stopped flying, eating meat and buying crap for example.

I now have worked a couple of years and now live in Germany.  I cannot share my passion for the environment at work.  Therefore I started this little project in June 2010.

Quiet-Environmentalist, because I dislike people that shout about their Green credentials.  Maybe because I am a very content with who I am and do not feel I need to continously define myself. I see a Green Evolution as crucial and believe Environmentalists should focus on spreading the Green seed.  I believe this seed can and will grow strong in every human.  We are not inherently bad: we just need an ecocation.

(For those with little time: Bold are the “important” parts)

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