Ban the Baby

Probably the least discussed way to reduce man’s impact is removing babies from the equation.  We don’t like to talk about this in our democratic countries because it sounds like something that an ecofascist would think up.  However the reality is we don’t need a dictatorship to enact this rule.  We just need to get girls sitting in classrooms.

To replace a population a women needs to have 2.33 children.  There are now many countries that have a rate below this:  almost the whole of Europe, Russia, Japan, Canada, Australia and many more.  With education, comes often economic and knowledge autonomy. This means that women see children as something that they can also control and they choose to have fewer children.  Fertility becomes no longer an act of God, but something that she decides.

The population in Germany began to shrink in 2003.  By 2050 the country will be shrinking by 600,000 per year!  The population will plummet from 82 Million to 69 Million in 2050.  That means Germany will emit 140 million tons less CO2 per year simply through population reduction by 2050.  That is about the same amount of CO2 released by the expansion of palm oil plantations into the peat forests of Indonesia.  Why again is Indonesia the fourth largest CO2 emitter?  Deforestation.  We need to stop deforestation but also nurture depopulation.

China is also in the list of countries with below replacement birth rates.  China’s one baby policy was supposed to reduce explosive population growth, but has now been stopped; replaced with trying to encourage births.  China’s population is still growing due to population momentum but will, like Germany, soon start to decline. There is a 90% probability that China’s Population will be smaller in 2100 than it was in 2000.

The World’s population is expected to peak within this century and then start on the German course. Massive aging of the population will take grip.  However the challenge of aging population is nothing compared to runaway climate change, and did not someone promise us that robots would one day do the work for us?

Education is man’s suicide weapon. However because of population momentum; nature will continue to be the bloody victim of our current gun rampage for many years to come.  We need to turn that gun around quicker by increasing women’s autonomy through education.  They are now ripping down buildings in Germany and giving the space back to nature.  Wilderness will rebuild itself on the ruins of humanity.

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2 Responses to “Ban the Baby”

  1. Val says:

    We always used 2.1 as replacement fertility rate, of course, that would rise with death rate. Hasn’t anyone ever studied mammal population crash curves??
    We studied the St. Mathew Island deer herd, and the Kaibob deer debacle, plus lab mice studies in college advanced biology and ecology. It was pointed out that the human population was on the same curve on a generational time scale. The exponential math course showed that one child per woman at age 30 would work to reduce population to off the crash curve if implemented and achieved world wide by 2008-10. Well, that didn’t happen……..

  2. Val says:

    So world population WILL NOT follow the easy let down to a steady state economy of sustainability with the biosphere. It will rapidly crash with probably 800 million deaths per year, one region to the next. The breakdown of governments and civilization, with widespread desperation of people driven to cannibalism, murder for food, dying of thirst, malnutrition and diseases. Overshoot to collapse is the crash curve, and recovery at 1 to 5% of the previous population. But, THIS population will face the effects of 200 years of pollution with malevolent climate change so fast that the support eco-systems humans depend on die off. Human extinction, as proposed by Prof. Richard Leakey in his 1996 book will probably come true.
    Oh, an easy let down would be so wonderful. With large scale aquifer depletions and the effects of climate change, plus all the other pollution gone global, this seems unlikely. Maybe a big nuclear war will take us out with a bang, but most likely it will be with a whimper as people die from starvation and lack of water, en masse.

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