Urban Gardening & Window Farming

You cannot beat growing your own vegetables and it is easy, cheap and fun.  For the second season in my life I am having a go at growing my own in my flat.  As I was a student I just had a few meagre feet and successfully grew peppers, the best that I had ever [...]

Mother Earth No Muscle Worshipper

Western society due to advanced capitalism & the arrival of the age of celebrity is becoming more and more obsessed with the body beautiful. I do not proclaim to be immune to this. Big muscles (still working on making them big) and how I look is important to me. I buy protein supplements and other [...]

Push Back the First Day that You Turn the Heating On

Living alone makes me more aware that I am completely responsible for my 50 square meters.  In my old flat heat came from the grannies above and below, so I rarely needed to turn on the heating in my own room except when it hit below minus 15 degrees centigrade outside.  Now I control all [...]

New Home Is My New Big Environmental Sin

Moving into a flat/house alone is an exciting prospect. Closing that door for the world for the first time was a great feeling; my own little kingdom is finally here. A kingdom ruled by my own rules, where my own imagination of time sets the pace, but also a very big environmental footprint is created.  [...]

The End of Cheap Flights in Europe?

Deciding not to fly due to environmental reasons can be painful when you look at the cost of flights online.  I looked into flight costs from London to Munich and they were a third of what I pay for  the train and are three times as quick.  People think you’re crazy for not flying; however [...]

English then Double Climate Change: Education Against Climate Chaos

Education is heralded as a pillar of our modern society.  Could it therefore and should it be used to make a society of super green citizens.  Citizens that understand why they should buy more expensive energy saving devices and who do not moan about the number of bins they need to sort their rubbish into. [...]