What Is a Tree Worth?

This question first came to light when in the UK it was found that insurance companies where getting planning permission to cut trees down due to the risk that they may cause damage to buildings nearby.  This shows that a trees value is not correctly calculated in modern capitalism. Trees are so devalued that they [...]

Is the Earth Doomed Due to Planned Obsolescence?

Man is a clever species. Technology has allowed us to advance more than any other species before us. We sit as masters of our small blue planet. However we are not masters when it comes to ideas that are sustainable. With modern capitalism came the idea of planned obsolescence; the idea that designers should build [...]

Is the Downfall of Coal Power Here?

How many new coal plant plans have been scrapped in the USA since 2001? None?  How could it be a single one?!  We are as power hungry as ever and need every drop we can get; especially from cheap coal, right? Well in actual fact the 150th coal plant has just been scrapped. The USA [...]

Will Road Trains Take to the Road?

The idea is simple: you link cars up with computers and the lead driver does not only control his car but all the following cars. This may help reduce the impact of cars on the environment but is it just science fiction? Are people really prepared to give up control to a lead driver? Part [...]

The Internet: Good or Evil for the Environment?

Something has been bothering me lately and that is my impact on the environment through my mouse clicks. How can something as abstract as the internet be a danger to the planet you may ask? But think about the amount of information that is being stored for the internet; stored not in the air but [...]

Why Do We Allow Pillage & Rapage on the High Seas?

When it comes to the environment the destruction of forests to make way for cattle ranches or soya plantations and the polluting of air from planes and smoke stack industries gets almost all of the attention. What is occurring at sea is also an outrage against humanity, but this destruction goes almost unreported. Here are [...]