Why Are Electricity Prices Increasing With the Use of Renewables?

Most countries are seeing above inflation electricity price rises. Renewables’ promise to provide cheap, abundant green electricity does not seem to be coming true. In some countries, for example Germany, the prices are rising with increasing use of renewable electricity. In January 2011 German electricity prices will rise again by an average of 6.9 % [...]

Energy Efficiency: A Lost Opportunity?

We all burn unnecessary amounts of energy; if we used more efficient machines and lived in warmer houses we would be able to reduce our energy demand massively (approximately by the amount that renewable energy is producing today), create thousands of green jobs and reduce our CO2 emissions. So why arn’t we picking the easiest [...]

5 Reasons Why China Will Turn Green

China is often used as a scapegoat in global environmental politics; however China may just be the country to lead the charge into a green and sustainable economy.  China’s relationship with the environment will need to change because the basis of its economic growth may well crumble before the country has even joined the rich [...]

Insure Ourselves Against Global Warming

Insurance is dull, however this industry could stop Global Warming.  Its financial incentive to save us from ourselves is huge.  Oil, king Coal or big cars are threated by climate regulation; the insurance industry from the coming storm.  The industry that compensates risk is seeing its risks magnify and intensify year on year.  Other industries [...]

Flat Pack Society

Flat pack furniture is filling our lives.  Is there a better example of our consumer society: built to last three minutes, cheap so that it is bought in its millions, made from suquelent resource sucking materials and most importantly almost useless.  I am no fan of Ikea or the like. My blinds are from Ikea [...]

Flying’s Free Ride Means Runaway Climate Chaos

There is one form of transport that is  an extreme climate killer, the fastest expanding source of CO2, and that is of little economic benefit: Flying will destroy the planet.  What is most devastating is that it is supported through government subsidies and is therefore superficially cheap.  We need to correct this or all the [...]