Fossil Fuels Grip on the Modern World: False Subsidies?

Politicians tell us that we are dependent on oil because there is alternative.  Oil is what makes the world go round.  If that is the case why does the industry receive so much in subsidies? “If you put together tax breaks, feed-in tariffs and other forms of government support, the renewable energy industry received between [...]

Climate Scepticism is an American Invention

Climate Scepticism is rife in America, but why is this trend not to be found in Europe or Japan?  When there is real doubt in the climate science why does it only hold America back?  Living in Germany and reading the German press I am not exposed to the science of climate scepticism.  This is [...]

Yeah But China Builds a New Coal Plant Every Two Weeks

This statement does not mention that China is also erecting a wind turbine every two hours.   Quick let us forget that statistic and concentrate on how big China is instead. The argument goes that WE are paralyzed into inaction because THEY are polluting more and more.  Political ideologies can be weak; this one is downright [...]

Direct Action Will Become Reality

Today Activists closed all the BP petrol stations in London.  Over 50 petrol stations were closed with signs stating ‘closed. moving beyond petroleum.’  A dig at BP’s attempt to remarket itself as beyond petroleum several years ago and the way that it could actually achieve the slogan.   The activists realised the dream of beyond petroleum [...]

Global Warming Demands Leadership

The fight against global warming needs a leader.  Europe, China and the USA continue to flounder.  The USA’s latest failure in the fight is the abandonment of the climate legislation.  America the great leader has failed again.  When and who will lead the world to a decarbonised economy, the Americans, the Europeans, the Chinese?  Currently [...]

The Greenwash Party

Whole countries are now Greenwashing.  188 States have now ratified the Kyoto Protocol, however few will reach their targets.  The UK, France, Germany and Sweden probably will, but the UK and Germany have largely managed this through deinustrialisation, France through Nuclear and Sweden is the only true Green that has achieved it through tax reform.  [...]