Is the Green Movement Greenscaring?

Increasing renewable energy share, dropping oil and coal use, plummeting investment in coal mining and shale oil, technological advances in the electric car and solar panels: Are the cogs of the market economy shifting quicker to a green stable economy than the green movement is willing to admit?  Is the Green Movement guilty of Greenscaring [...]

How to Hang Out the Greenwash

Greenwashing is a dangerous practice that individuals, governments and especially companies employ to justify and hide their actions.  Greenwashing depends on the complexity of the environmental problems that means it is easy to confuse the public and repack something as green. The marketing machine can cover any dirty smears with a vivid imagination and a [...]

The Greenwash Party

Whole countries are now Greenwashing.  188 States have now ratified the Kyoto Protocol, however few will reach their targets.  The UK, France, Germany and Sweden probably will, but the UK and Germany have largely managed this through deinustrialisation, France through Nuclear and Sweden is the only true Green that has achieved it through tax reform.  [...]

9 Greenwash Eco-Products That Will Kill Our Planet

After the big sinners of hybrid SUVs, Planes flying with biofuels, flown in organic food, Green tariffs or accounts from Electricity firms to bank accounts come a number of small “climate savers”.  Here a rundown of nine useless eco-products 1)      I am not a plastic bag bag. Hollywood ransacks the Green message and sells it.   [...]

We Can All Make BP Pay!

The Oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is another example of a big company not taking its social responsibility seriously and a prime example of Greenwashing. The leak goes on, but BP’s priorities lie elsewhere. Its Image! BP has bought keywords in Google/Bing/Yahoo since the full scale of the disaster unfolded. It is now [...]


Maybe I am just anti-social but LOHAS turn my stomach.  Lifestyles of Health and sustainability; the name is enough to make me feel queasy.  So what is this super new Lifestyle and will it save us from the rising tide? It’s about being cool.  With all hobbies and interests there is something about image and [...]