Consumption is Natural

Consumption is something foreign to me.  Differences between my needs and my wants are clear.  I do not find my wants hard to supress because what I am offered is rubbish. Can consumption be related to other life destroying drugs such as alcohol or crack?   What is the trap of consumption?  What characteristics make up a non-consumer?

Consumers are sick.  They do not realise that they are killing themselves through their consumption.  On a larger scale this can be seen as the environmental destruction of the climate and the Earth’s natural resources.  On the individual it is debt that people build up because they cannot resist just buying stuff.  Everybody has a drug of choice, mine is alcohol, however the majority of us have a second drug: consumption.  Whereas alcohol, cigarettes or other drugs remove us from our current consciousness: consumption gives us the feeling of belonging, of advancing, of becoming a better person.

The reality is the opposite.

The trap of consumption is the falling into capitalism’s demands.  Advertising is the snare that catches the majority of people.  It opens our eyes to our “needs”, but it is really just exploiting a human weakness of feeling that someone has more and that I need what they have.  This relates back to the beginning of our evolution.  We fought for every last scrap just to survive. In modern society our needs are met, however we have not evolved further.  This is the challenge of the environmental movement.  We are asking people to abandon their human instincts and to see the bigger picture.

So how do we get to people to change to non-consumers?  Well we need to make people realise that there is more to life.  That friendships, family and work should define who we are.  A big problem is that is easier to carry on consuming than to address the problems.  I am not happy at work, but it pays well and allows me to buy everything that I want.  If I actually did what I loved I would have less money and maybe I would still be unhappy.  So maybe I will just stay where I am.  Working in marketing I see the importance of a social life.  When the weather is bad sales increase in most branches as people rather than socialise, buy crap to feel happy.  Where did these needs suddenly come from?

To address the evils of consumption we need to look at the people that we are and try and evolve past our instincts.  We need to build healthy relationships and a happy life so that we are no longer dependent on consumption.  That is my theory on the consumption psyche.  Maybe I am just a crack pot environmentalist and just denying that some people like things.  What do you think are the causes of consumption and importantly how do we overcome them?

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