Quiet E’s Definitions

Term Definition
Ecofascism Radical Environmentalism with links to neo-fascism is the traditional definition. Quiet E’s Definition is a term for movements that want to restrict CO2 with laws and rules that many see as destroying liberties and freedoms.
Emissions Trading Also know as a carbon market or cap and trade. Designed to reduce the total level of CO2. A society decides how much CO2 it can afford to emit. It then sells or divides this total between the emitters who can then trade the pollution rights. Emitters change to more efficient systems to reduce their carbon costs. Reducing the amount of total pollution rights available over time should eventually mean reductions to levels that the environment can absorb.
Golden Bullet The liberal belief that tecchnolgy will save us from climate change. Innovation will mean that our lifestyles will not need to greatly change. An example would be fusion power creating endless cheap electricity.
LOHAS Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability are a social group or a market segment related to “sustainable living”. I have never met anyone who has said they are a LOHAS. Probably because the majority are movie stars and/or they are not really interested in environmentalism but instead the image it provides.
Millennium Development Goals Agreement in 2000 through the UN to reduce poverty by half by 2015, reduce malnutrition by half, increase access to education, increase equality and several other goals that lookly unlikely to be reached by 2015.
Planned Obsolescence Clever man or more correctly clever capitalism got worried that growth would be stemmed by the size of the market and needs being satisfied.  Therefore products were designed to have flaws so that they would need to be replaced.  Planned obsolescence is deadly to sustainability and the environment.
Population Momentum Due to young populations the total population of a country will continue to rise also with below replacement birth rates. The different sizes of the age groups due to historic population growth mean that the number of births will continue to outstrip the number of deaths. This results in further growth. Therefore the largest age group must begin to die before the population starts to decrease.
Precautionary Principle Science is not always 100% correct or sure. In some cases the impacts when it is correct are so massive and devastating that we should accept the science (even when there is uncertainty) as the possible costs are massive in comparison to the small adaptations needed. If the worst does not occur then we have wasted money, but only a tiny sum in comparison to if the science had been correct.

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