Eco-Goodies & Baddies: Which Way Will We Turn?

The greening of society is dominated by two sides that are fighting over our little village, the eco goodies who are hippies & their political supporters and the eco baddies who are the companies that are trying to provide us with what we want.  Both sides accuse the other of setting fire to the wheat store and the raping of our women.  So who is right? Is it the eco hippies who are arguing for regulation, that many argue will strangle our lifestyles and destroy the economy? Or is it big companies selling us only rubbish and greenwash?

Eco Hippies & their regulation are destructive

I have written about many of the schemes that “those eco hippies” are trying to bring in from scrapping fuel subsidies to introducing personal carbon allowances. Such schemes are meant to save us from ourselves, but are seen by the majority with either disinterest or impunity.

Both disinterest and impunity are bad for the evolvement of the economy to the green side.

Disinterest results because either people see think it is too complicated or not important to their lives as the impacts are not occurring in their daily lives. The reality is that man is running into the red of the environmental balance of our planet and it is likely to affect all of our lives very soon.  We may be lucky or we may be one of the unlucky ones: one of those who died in the heat wave in Japan this summer or one of those who was caught by the choking smoke of Russian bushfires that brought about our premature death.

Impunity stems from the same causes as disinterest but impunity means that those who understand laugh at what is being suggested.  Ghandi’s quote comes to mind: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”.

The green movement needs to win the support of the consumer if our society is rely going to change to its core.

Companies are Greenwashing & Selling us Crap

The green movement is trying to get the message across that we are being lied to; that we do not need all this stuff to be happy; that we can live a sustainable life with just a few changes.  The problem that the green lobby faces is that the people like positive and not negative concepts.  They want, to an extent, companies to sell them rubbish.  That rubbish has fuelled massive wealth creation and improved our society so much when you look at life expectancies, average incomes and levels of consumption.

We have achieved a lot but this has come at the massive cost of nature.  Nature continues to pay out more that it can possibly replenish every year. The day will come when the bank sends in the repo men are sent in to retake what the planet is owed.

The companies do not have to do much to get citizens on side.  First they have to remain quiet.  They try to hide their influence on the political system and buy off the mouthpieces of our democracies.  By being silent they avoid getting involved in the political discussion and thus avoid getting a bloody nose.

To prevent legislation or people to start feeling bad about their products they can employ a bit of advertising.  Advertising is the perfect means for a bit of greenwashing.

Who will win the shoot out?

The green movement needs to work on its advertising technique. People want to be good, but it is so much easier to be bad.  That only involves turning off your brain and carrying on regardless of the consequences.

Firms and their supporters in the political and media classes use this to rally up support from citizens to cast the eco hippies as trying to dismantle the shopping arcades and roads.  Maybe the cuts will have to be one day so draconian, but only if we leave it too late.

The change to renewable energy is gaining pace and we seem o really be starting to change our energy mix. However the problems of binge flying, overfishing, deforestation and waste production seem to have no easy answers because they do not rely on companies good business sense but rather our own desire to live a sustainable life.  Are you going to rise to the challenge or are you going to do your own bit of greenwashing and carry on stealing from Earth’s piggy bank?

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