Ecofascism Epoch

We’re entering an era of ecofascism where every moment of our lives will be scrutinized, inspected and punished by the carbon police.  Now ecofascism to me does not mean people with Green Swastikas on the sleeves but more a period where our actions are watched and strictly penalized when they do not conform to the clean regime.  I first came across the term when someone told me that I was an “ecofascist”.  I did not take this as negative and I do not think this should be a negative term.

There is a fear, that stems like most fears from irrational human fear of a loss of control.   In our modern era this is amplified by the hysterical press.  They magnify and exaggerate fears to sell their medium.   Of Course fear cannot exist totally without reason.  The fear has taken root of a loss of civil liberties, a loss of control to the state, the start of an ecodictatorship.

Carbon credit allowances, increasing taxes on fuel, and of course the peer pressure from neighbours and colleagues about what one should/ could do/ and eventually must do all feed this fear.  I of course think the fear is ill founded and exaggerated and cannot wait for the day when such measures become mandatory.  It will not cause the loss of civil liberties or the death of democracy.  These are by far more in peril from the way some people realise these liberties:  big cars, binge flying, cheap meat, and throwaway fashion.

Such living standards sacrifice us all to climate chaos and that is a poisonous threat to our democracy and our liberties.  Imagine a type 5 hurricane hitting New York during the rush hour and what for a wakeup call that would be to the world.  Our governments would react swiftly and probably with hysteria and overkill (as they did when planes hit that same city in 2001).

That is the true danger to our democracy.  Instead of being weaned slowly from the teat of carbon we would be snatched.   Flying/ driving and maybe even making a cup of tea would be outlawed.  We need to wake up to the threat of runaway climate change and what it could mean for our beloved democracy and with all likely hood if we continue exerting our civil liberties in 4x4s then maybe even our society.

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