Euphoria: 1st Green UK MP

The first Green in the UK, Caroline Lucas, did not only make history in the UK, but also the World.  The first Green MP elected by the First Past the Post electoral system: a true milestone.  30 Years after the first Green Party was founded in Germany and 27 Years after 27 MPs flooded into the German Parliament, the UK got its first drop.  Does this not show what type of democracy rules in the UK?

At Last a Green Voice

The British Green Party had to work and work for this reward. A single voice in a parliament with over 600 voices (talking in a very similar tone) means an uphill struggle for this former MEP.  However the Greens have shown, that once they get their foot in the door, they start to expand and become louder and louder. Of course electoral reform would speed up this process.  Interesting is that with devolution for Scotland and Wales proportional representation (PR) reached the shores of the oldest democracy (of course the European Elections also use PR in the UK).  There are now two Scottish Greens.  That means that Scotland has twice as many MPs (compared to the UK’s lonely Green) and in a house representing a tenth of the population.

Do Greens Make a Difference?

All Greens are good for you (as my mother once said).  In Germany they were part of Shroeder’s coalition government from 1998 to 2005.  They implemented many positive green policies including a feed in tariff (that has seen the percentage of green electricity rise to 15% of demand), recycling initiatives and the end date for nuclear power in Germany.   The Greens are not a one-theme party; they represent the social Left with very clear thought out policies.  They currently sit on a fat 18% after the latest poll in Germany (Survey by Stern, RTL 10 June 2010).  This shows the Greens have wide reaching and popular policies.

Is there Hope for the USA, UK and Canada?

The British spread their democracy wide and proud, and unfortunately this ancient form of democracy has stayed in the 1st, 5th and 8th largest economies in place.  Now I don’t think it is necessary that these countries be taken over by the Green Parties, but we need at least a voice.   With a voice the big parties will steal Green policies and soak up the Green vote.  So as long as the policies of the Greens get enacted then the Green movement will get what it wants: A Greener Future.

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