Fundamental Veganism

There is a force in society that is trying to undermine the very foundations of our democratic society.  The Vegan is undermining our society’s principles and may cause it to crumble.  Therefore we must fight.  In the past twenty years vegetarianism has moved into the mainstream.  It is now common at diner for people to proclaim their vegetarian credentials.  “Oh I only eat meat twice a week”.  However when somebody says they are Vegan a barrier is erected and the response is often oh that is too extreme for me.  Why is there is rift between meat eaters and vegans.

I have heard myself say it personally.  “Oh no I am not vegan that is a bit too extreme for me”. Now I have been Vegetarian for five years because of climate change and so am quite open to veganism.  However when questioned by a meat eater whether I am Vegan I find myself almost siding with the enemy.  Possibly a slight cowardliness of what the meat eater may think.  Veganism is still largely seen as an extreme change in lifestyle, but is in reality just the completion of the moral soundness of vegetarianism.

Meat eaters all know that to become vegetarian just means a slight education of food ie two sources of protein per day either from cheese, eggs, nuts or beans/lentils.  To become Vegan involves abandoning some of the staples of western society: eggs, cheese,  and milk, and replacing them with alternatives and even taking a supplement of vitamin B12.  Whereas Vegetarianism just rejects the flesh of the animal the Vegan removes every trace of guilt and becomes truly humane.  Why Meat eaters and some vegetarians find this hard to accept is that it strongly highlights their immorality when it comes to animals.  Therefore it becomes extremism.

As Mahatma Ghandi said “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Veganism is possibly between laughing and the fighting stage and vegetarianism is between fighting and winning.  Vegetarianism is extreme in that no society in history has totally rejected eating meat (except India in recent history due to religion).  However what may be extreme as the quote shows may become reality.  With increasing mouths to feed it is possibly going to be the only way to keep this planet on a stable climate and feed 9 billion people.  Possibly even veganism will be necessary.  When will you turn to extremism?

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