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Writing about the climate and environment is challenging because of the complexity. Here are some of the top blogs covering this fascinating and difficult political challenge.  The interaction of man with the environment needs to be understood if we are going to create a sustainable society.

If the category does not have many blogs or none it is just because I only endorse really great sources.  Here are the top green blogs in my opinion to….

Green Technology

The golden bullet concept to fighting climate change, believes that we can invent our way out of trouble.  Man is an innovative and successful animal that drives its built environment forward through ever more sophisticated technology.  Will this solve the problems of climate change, environmental degradation & sustainability?


The City Fix: Sustainable Urban Mobility

Covers environmental issues related to transport. This site is superbly informative and has great in depth articles about moving forward in an ecological way.  Moving is an important aspect of our modern society and how we move in the future will make or break our existence on the planet.


Climate Politics

Big coal, dirty oil, the Tea Party, Greenpeace, Green Party, Siemens are all trying to win the battle of minds.  Public opinion & fighting our human instincts is a challenge that threatens the environment.  Understanding the vested interests at a personal, business and party-political level are crucial if climate change is going to be stopped.

Not many blogs concentrate solely on the politics, but politics is in everything we do.  Even the talk with your neighbour is political in that you create a common stance or polar opinions.


The Good Human: Don’t Blow It…Good Planets Are Hard To Find

The Good Human is a favourite of mine in the green blogosphere. He provides green news, resources & explanation about how we can live in a good & green way.  David does not preach but rather informs about ways to be green.  As he says we are all just human.


Climate Offsets Daily: Green Digest

“Climate Offsets Daily” collects a green feed of blog posts from across the blogosphere & the mainstream. Get an overview of the many challenges and the way man is trying to or not change his ways.



Healthy Living & Consumption

What we eat and consume now and in the future will have an inherent effect on what state we leave the planet to the people that come afterwards (I don’t say children because some of us are not breeding :-) ).  It also has an impact on our personal health and our states of mind.  Tree hugging & biking have been shown to improve health.  Personal choice and its effect on the environment is a fascinating and important topic.


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