Green Tip #1: Fly Less

So maybe it is not yet the biggest evil in the world, but flying is growing up to be a major source of CO2.  It is the fastest growing source of carbon dioxide and our weekend trips with the most inefficient form of transport (apart from Space travel) mean that our personal carbon footprints are exploding.

I’ve video transcribed this below for those who prefer to get it that way.

Hi I am the Quiet Environmentalist and this is eco tip number 1 – Fly Less

When you look up at the sky, the beautiful Munich sky, weeeeee: Sunny, Lovely, what you don’t see are any planes.  Now compare this to where I was living in London, when I was living in London in Camden I would often see six planes in the sky at any one time.

Now when you consider that Planes create so much carbon dioxide and the noise, the local air pollution as well; flying is pretty disgusting.

We’re also turning into binge flyers: We fly away for the weekend in Venice or we fly, Oh well I don’t fly for weekends away in Venice, because Munich is pretty close to Venice.  Anyway by doing these small little trips that don’t really bring us anything-  You see the town but do you really see it?  It is just my opinion but I think it’s a lot better to consider and plan your holiday really well and try and make it low carbon.  Because low carbon holidays are the only way that everyone can have a holiday.

So Eco Tip number 2 , sorry no, eco tip number one is don’t fly or fly less.

We can video conference; you can keep in contact with friends and family through Skype and webcams.  I know it is not hugging them but really we can’t afford flying. One return flight from London to New York produces as much carbon as a house in a year. When you think about it, it is just mind blowing when you see all the planes in the air. Well I don’t see them, but anyway that is eco tip Number 1: Fly Less.

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