Green Tip # 2 Consume Less

We consume and we consume and we get nothing for our consumption apart from stuff. Green tip number 2 is to consume less. By consuming less we help the environment and we do not lose out on much, as consumption is expensive and does not improve our lives.

We are currently consuming all the resources that the Earth produces by mid August: We are living beyond our means and it needs to stop now.

Enjoy the Video!

I’ve video transcribed this below for those who prefer to get it that way.

Hi I’m the Quiet Environmentalist and this is Green Tip Number Two: Consume Less.

Part of the problem with our modern world is that we like to consume and we just consume EVERYTHING!

I think this is clear when you look at my kitchen.  I share my flat with a guy, a teacher and he likes to collect.  He likes to collect plates, and glasses, and wine glasses and little cups; I don’tknow what the cups are for, but cups and then espresso cups… Check them out [video scans kitchen walls covered in cups]. Now Luckily I don’t have to clean this because that would pretty much be hell on earth.

Now what is the problem with just having STUFF, well stuff takes energy and when you don’t need stuff, why have stuff? It’s just, it’s just pointless isn’t.  I don’t get it personally, because I like the minimalistic.  I hate this kitchen because it’s a bit claustrophobic.

The problem is that people don’t feel they belong, or that they have a reason for living when they don’t have stuff around them.  You need to have stuff to be successful: you have to have a big car, well not just one big car, but you have to have two big cars and a third car for the weekend and everything.

I know that this may seem a bit petty looking at this kitchen.  It’s not as if this is really carbon intensive stuff, but it all adds up.  What is going to happen to this stuff when he dies? [laugh] That sounds a bit morbid, but it’s just nobody else will want it.  It will just end up in landfill and he’s not using it now; So why do we need it?

So that’s green tip number two: only buy stuff that you really need, because it does not help anyone, it does not make you a better person; it just fills your flat with stuff.  I just don’t get it.

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