Green Tips: Video Blog

Quiet-Environmentalist’s Green Tips Video Blog (that’s a mouthful) is here!

The video blog does what it says on the tin.  I discuss my hopes, fears and frustrations that I meet in my daily life.

Communication is easier through Video and also some people prefer watching rather than reading (it also gives me a break from writing).

I hope you enjoy the series!

Here’s the introduction video:

p.s. Sorry if my english is not as flowing as you would expect from an Englishman, but I have spoken German 95% of the time for the last two years.  Now I cannot speak either English or German.  It’s Great!

I have transcripted the video for those who prefer to read or cannot view the video:

Welcome to my video blog.  So I am the Quiet Environmentalist and in my videos I want to show you and go through my eco tips, my problems, my frustrations and my hopes that I see every day.

I was going to label this video number one eco tip, but I think that is a bit too rich as there is not enough or any videos and also this is not an eco-tip.  Maybe it will be number one when I get a few more videos on and yeah, Enjoy!

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