Greenwashing Disarms Society

Greenwashing and Greenwash destroy our chances to fight climate change and environmental destruction through disarming our evolutionary instinct of danger. If a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.  The water is getting warming; do you feel it?

Why is Everyone Greenwashing?

Corporations, governments and individuals are all guilty of Greenwashing.  Their greenwash allows them to carry on with a clear conscious and means people accept their continued destruction of the planet.  Here is the perfect example of greenwashing: carbon offsetting those flights.  The corporation wins because people carry on flying, governments win because there is the hope of jobs and the holy growth and individuals continue to feel free to enjoy those weekend trips.  All are gravely wrong.  As the slogan by Plane Stupid states “Off-setting doesn’t make flying ‘OK’ any more than giving to Amnesty gets you a licence to torture.”

With greenwashing comes the torture of our environment.  We need to educate ourselves about the cases of greenwashing and only accept dark green environmentalism.

Greenwashing “must reads”

Corporate Greenwashing

Some firms are moving beyond greenwashing.  Siemens is a prime example.  In this post I explore how, why and where other firms can learn from Siemens.

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BP and its attempt to destroy democracy by buying up internet channels is an example of greenwashing at its worst.  See and learn how Firms use misinformation to confuse, disguise and distort the truth behind their actions.

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Greenwash Consumerism

The birth of LOHAS and how through further consumption people disguise the way that their life destroys the planet is discussed.  There is nothing dark Green about this new social group.  When people buy into it in large numbers the planet is just as doomed as if we were all to fly around in private jets and hummers.

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The LOHAS products and the failings of some eco-products is laid bare in this post.  Through their failings to be Green they expose some of the weaknesses and dangers that we face in the fight against climate change through yet further consumption.

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Political Greenwashing

The state has become the Department of Greenwashing.  It sells policies as Green to its voters.  The lack of leadership is horrifying and leading us into Climate Chaos.

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Advertising and its role in Greenwashing was always going to be a problem.  How environmental groups and the government combats the marketing of firms is crucial if we are going to prevent runaway climate change.

Read How to Hang out the Greenwash

Let’s start the discussion, let’s remove the lies and let’s get this planet on track again! Stop the Greenwash now.

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