License to Spill Video

Excellent piece of performing art carried out in London at the Tate’s Summer Party. The mixture of powerful art and the protest against BP’s support for the arts is poignant.

What I find powerful is the location, the actions of the characters and of course the music is perfect .

Art like this in central London shows and underlines the actions of BP.  The oil is dirty and covers the white paving, destroying what is a polished square, probably paid for with BP’s blood money.

The characters quiet and graceful movements highlight how oil has become a defining part of modern society.  When the oil spills, BP darts around for a few minutes trying to clean up its mess, but fails.  When BP realises there is nothing more it can do it retreats as quietly as it had entered.  BP then leaves somebody else to finish getting the square back to its pristine white. The artists in the video reminded me of the flipping and desperate tossing of dolphins as they slowly die in BP’s oil. Great Video.

Through this art BP’s devastating impact reaches another audience.  Traditional Media’s weakness is its continuous demand for new news.  The tragedy that carries on is falling down the news agenda.  Currently a hurricane is tearing through the region and all clean up operations have been suspended.  The culprit backs away.

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