Most Frightening Website Ever For Environmentalists

The Website Worldometers shows the statistics of the world that are possibly the most frightening to an environmentalist and should be to every human being: the massive growth in population, the number of undernourished people and the amount of CO2 puffed into the atmosphere.  Statistics that when seen as tickers spiralling upwards show that the world is heading in the wrong direction.

I am not against people starting families but the success of our species is frightening when you look at the affects that it is having on the planet and therefore our species: The contracting forests, the oil used, the expansion of the deserts and the loss of farmland through soil erosion.

Image Coutresy of Worldometers: 19:14 02-11-2010

Our species is the most successful ever to roam the planet, but also the most destructive.  The website does not answer how we rectify the problems, but it does open our eyes.  It is like a smart meter that shows a family their current electricity use and waste.  The Smart meter just lays the cards on the table; they then need to look at ways of getting that number closer to zero.

The world needs to look at these figures and work out how to reduce the negative impacts we are having as a species. Otherwise we are likely to find an ever less hospitable planet and find it ever more challenging to cling to this tiny rock hurtling through space.

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