Mother Earth No Muscle Worshipper

Western society due to advanced capitalism & the arrival of the age of celebrity is becoming more and more obsessed with the body beautiful. I do not proclaim to be immune to this. Big muscles (still working on making them big) and how I look is important to me. I buy protein supplements and other potions that I would rather not go into detail here. My obsession is bad for the planet.  Why are bulging biceps a problem for the planet?  It is quite simple we build ourselves up, but now work in offices and have little need for muscles except their aesthetic value. Modern society is built on aesthetics; man cannot help himself/herself- We are driven by our ape instincts.

Image Courtesy of Davey Wavey Fitness: Fitness Tips

Striving for big muscles is like putting meat on the table 7 days a week.  Both are not necessary and wasteful. The argumentation for a vegetarian lifestyle draws on similar lines as the argument for staying lean.  With vegetarianism you shift your calorie intake away from energy intensive & wasteful meat calories to more efficient vegetable calories. With a narrower chest you simply reduce the original need for calories. You are cutting your need for calories from the start.

You see the bigger we are the more we consume.  We need extra energy to maintain & grow muscles.  It is just like being obese, except healthier.  Fat people and muscle men need to consume more. Our intensive agricultural system is a massive burden on the climate and through less meat consumption and a leaner humanity we could help minimise its impact.

Now men are not alone in their quest for the body beautiful.  The beauty industry for the fairer sex is a lot further down the road.  Just take a look in any bathroom and you will see the waste.  It sits in a few dozen bottles of cosmetics, many of which are based on petrol or palm oil.  Both of which have huge environmental impacts.  Then there are the hairdryers, the machines that look like a dentist drill, but are for the nails, or just the humble iron.  These are all cultural developments that we could in theory wean ourselves off.

Now I am not going to tell anyone that they should not have muscles, as that is a bit too far green, and feeling good about yourself also helps the environment. However it is just a reminder that every element of our lives impacts the planet and some of our impacts are wasteful.  If man cannot recognise that the beauty of Mother Nature is more important than our own beauty we will continue our self-harm. We need to get past ape like instincts and realise that true beauty is not found at the gym or at the bottom of a shower gel.

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