One Meal With Meat a Year for the Environment?

Oops my weekend was not very vegetarian of me; I ate half a duck.  I went with a friend to a local Bavarian restaurant and was too tempted by the meat on the menu (although the temptation was better than the actual duck). Should I really have a bad conscious? Is Eating meat really so bad?

Deer, Duck and Wild Pig

Locally produced meat cannot be that bad? No it’s not. Although I cannot necessarily  be sure that my Bavarian Duck was actually Bavarian. He could be a southern German that was just processed here and actually had a massive journey behind him. Maybe his life was a cruel existence in an East European or Chinese battery farm.

Why did I not just ask about my food?!

Once in a Blue Moon

Eating meat is wrong. Yes it is because we eat too much meat. Meat being extremely energy intensive means that we are successfully make our carbon footprints explode; although my two meals of meat each year really just result in a small spark.

But was my duck at all bad?

Truthly I cannot say. I did not learn what I was putting into my mouth.  The industry is developing systems such as carbon labels or welfare for animal marks. Through such systems maybe I would of learned that the locally produced duck was actually low carbon compared to the butter which I smeared on the bread I had with it.

It was not that good

I though great what a treat…a big chunk of duck.  I actually felt like someone had forced me to swallow a balloon.  The feeling of being a big fatty just lasts and lasts.  I am no fan of this feeling.  I love to eat and love to eat often: but after meat your stomach just feels heavy and drowsy.  This is probably because it takes quite a lot of energy (and time) to digest meat. Meat is seen as something that is natural (“We’re Hunter Gathers”) but our forefathers were actually bigger vegetarians than we like to acccept. Sure they ate meat but it was not on the table most dinner times.

Will I be returning to the dark side soon?

Probably not; I love being vegetarian too much. It means I can eat more, I can eat a more varied diet, I can control better what I consume and I do not have a guilty conscious. Eating meat is a massive cause of climate change.  The odd duck here and there will not destroy the planet and I think that is what meat should become: a luxury for a special evening in a Bavarian restaurant: although I could of made a true luxury by reducing the size of my portion and asking where the food was produced and how.

Do you think I was bad?

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