Who’s to blame for the Oil Spill: BP or Ourselves?

Apart from all of the run-of-the-mill posts and articles that I have read about the BP Gulf Spill,  two have stuck in my mind.  Who is actually to blame? Ourselves? The first is an article by Colin Beavan on his site noimpactman.com called “Taking responsibility for preventing further oil spills”.  In it he argues that [...]

Tar Sands: BP Likes Its Sticky Situations

Beyond Petroleum, Shell and the Royal Bank of Scotland are pursuing what is turning out to be the most destructive form of oil exploitation, Tar Sands. Ripping up the pristine forests of Canada, digging up the tar sands hidden beneath and then using water and oil to extract the oil leaves behind cancer inducing and [...]

License to Spill Video

Excellent piece of performing art carried out in London at the Tate’s Summer Party. The mixture of powerful art and the protest against BP’s support for the arts is poignant. What I find powerful is the location, the actions of the characters and of course the music is perfect . Art like this in central [...]