Will Road Trains Take to the Road?

The idea is simple: you link cars up with computers and the lead driver does not only control his car but all the following cars. This may help reduce the impact of cars on the environment but is it just science fiction? Are people really prepared to give up control to a lead driver? Part [...]

Peak Travel: Really a Good Thing?

Peak Travel is here.  This term has arisen because several developed countries according to a new study have reached saturation point when it comes to private car use.  The study shows that car use in the last couple of years has not been increasing with higher GDP. The citizens no longer can take the queues, [...]

German Cities: What Can We Learn About Car Use?

Often culture is used as a reason for differences in cycle use. Europeans love to bike, the Dutch love to bike, but two German cities, Munich and Hamburg show how this may not be such an important factor. Müncheners and Hamburgers (I hope the second is the right name) live in very wealthy cities at [...]