Mother Earth No Muscle Worshipper

Western society due to advanced capitalism & the arrival of the age of celebrity is becoming more and more obsessed with the body beautiful. I do not proclaim to be immune to this. Big muscles (still working on making them big) and how I look is important to me. I buy protein supplements and other [...]

English then Double Climate Change: Education Against Climate Chaos

Education is heralded as a pillar of our modern society.  Could it therefore and should it be used to make a society of super green citizens.  Citizens that understand why they should buy more expensive energy saving devices and who do not moan about the number of bins they need to sort their rubbish into. [...]

Is the Downfall of Coal Power Here?

How many new coal plant plans have been scrapped in the USA since 2001? None?  How could it be a single one?!  We are as power hungry as ever and need every drop we can get; especially from cheap coal, right? Well in actual fact the 150th coal plant has just been scrapped. The USA [...]

Peak Travel: Really a Good Thing?

Peak Travel is here.  This term has arisen because several developed countries according to a new study have reached saturation point when it comes to private car use.  The study shows that car use in the last couple of years has not been increasing with higher GDP. The citizens no longer can take the queues, [...]

Scaring People Is Not the Answer to Combatting Climate Change

The world is going to burn and man is going to have to get used to a world that cannot support it. Millions will be forced to fight for their base existence. Such sentences according to a new study  by the University of California, Berkley rather than resulting in people to act on climate change [...]

Why Would Anyone Drive?

At the weekend I was driving and surprise surprise I still do not get the appeal.  Can somebody help me; what makes driving so great? Why do Americans spend 15 days every year *sitting in a small tin box on wheels? Why do we continue to destroy the planet for the little metal monster? Why [...]