Energy Efficiency: A Lost Opportunity?

We all burn unnecessary amounts of energy; if we used more efficient machines and lived in warmer houses we would be able to reduce our energy demand massively (approximately by the amount that renewable energy is producing today), create thousands of green jobs and reduce our CO2 emissions. So why arn’t we picking the easiest [...]

Yeah But China Builds a New Coal Plant Every Two Weeks

This statement does not mention that China is also erecting a wind turbine every two hours.   Quick let us forget that statistic and concentrate on how big China is instead. The argument goes that WE are paralyzed into inaction because THEY are polluting more and more.  Political ideologies can be weak; this one is downright [...]

Global Warming Demands Leadership

The fight against global warming needs a leader.  Europe, China and the USA continue to flounder.  The USA’s latest failure in the fight is the abandonment of the climate legislation.  America the great leader has failed again.  When and who will lead the world to a decarbonised economy, the Americans, the Europeans, the Chinese?  Currently [...]

Consumption is Natural

Consumption is something foreign to me.  Differences between my needs and my wants are clear.  I do not find my wants hard to supress because what I am offered is rubbish. Can consumption be related to other life destroying drugs such as alcohol or crack?   What is the trap of consumption?  What characteristics make up [...]

Flying’s Free Ride Means Runaway Climate Chaos

There is one form of transport that is  an extreme climate killer, the fastest expanding source of CO2, and that is of little economic benefit: Flying will destroy the planet.  What is most devastating is that it is supported through government subsidies and is therefore superficially cheap.  We need to correct this or all the [...]

Fundamental Veganism

There is a force in society that is trying to undermine the very foundations of our democratic society.  The Vegan is undermining our society’s principles and may cause it to crumble.  Therefore we must fight.  In the past twenty years vegetarianism has moved into the mainstream.  It is now common at diner for people to [...]