Is the Earth Doomed Due to Planned Obsolescence?

Man is a clever species. Technology has allowed us to advance more than any other species before us. We sit as masters of our small blue planet. However we are not masters when it comes to ideas that are sustainable. With modern capitalism came the idea of planned obsolescence; the idea that designers should build [...]

Respecting Yourself Saves the Planet

Me society is here. We’re all individuals loving ourselves and consuming ourselves stupid, but maybe this me society can just kick start a green evolution. We need to start buying, living and working green. We need to kick our carbon habit and build a sustainable society. Our problem is that we do not currently respect [...]

The Model & the Hippy: What Can Environmentalists Learn From fashion?

Child labour, water pollution, fur and throwaway society: can environmentalists really learn anything from the fashion industry? At first glance the answer is a straight out no for me. The two interest groups are at the opposite ends of the green scale, but maybe environmentalists need to think again. The fashion industry has supposedly greened [...]

Green Tip # 2 Consume Less

We consume and we consume and we get nothing for our consumption apart from stuff. Green tip number 2 is to consume less. By consuming less we help the environment and we do not lose out on much, as consumption is expensive and does not improve our lives. We are currently consuming all the resources [...]

Flat Pack Society

Flat pack furniture is filling our lives.  Is there a better example of our consumer society: built to last three minutes, cheap so that it is bought in its millions, made from suquelent resource sucking materials and most importantly almost useless.  I am no fan of Ikea or the like. My blinds are from Ikea [...]

Consumption is Natural

Consumption is something foreign to me.  Differences between my needs and my wants are clear.  I do not find my wants hard to supress because what I am offered is rubbish. Can consumption be related to other life destroying drugs such as alcohol or crack?   What is the trap of consumption?  What characteristics make up [...]