Mother Earth No Muscle Worshipper

Western society due to advanced capitalism & the arrival of the age of celebrity is becoming more and more obsessed with the body beautiful. I do not proclaim to be immune to this. Big muscles (still working on making them big) and how I look is important to me. I buy protein supplements and other [...]

Flat Pack Society

Flat pack furniture is filling our lives.  Is there a better example of our consumer society: built to last three minutes, cheap so that it is bought in its millions, made from suquelent resource sucking materials and most importantly almost useless.  I am no fan of Ikea or the like. My blinds are from Ikea [...]

Consumption is Natural

Consumption is something foreign to me.  Differences between my needs and my wants are clear.  I do not find my wants hard to supress because what I am offered is rubbish. Can consumption be related to other life destroying drugs such as alcohol or crack?   What is the trap of consumption?  What characteristics make up [...]

Tesco is Society

We have become a society of want.  This was highlighted to me by a Tesco billboard “Get a new phone every twelve months with our mobile contract”. When and why have we decided that we need a new phone every year? Our society has slowly developed into a monster.  After the World War the Western [...]