7 Green Tips That May Lose You Friends

Have you lost friends from your hippy ways? Probably not and if you have they were not really the sought of friends you need. Humans are social beings and therefore we do not like to stick out. Some green tips may do that however. Here is a rundown of the few that I have come [...]

Green Tips & False Realities

In the fight for sustainability and environmental stability what people belief as good is often the opposite.  Through false information, ignorance and greed man is walking into oblivion by not understanding the full connectivity of the natural system and the affect of his actions. After zooming into work on my bike I am hot and [...]

10 Ways to Eat Greener, Healthier & Fairer

1) Turn Vegetarian A vegetarian releases about 40% less CO₂ through eating as a meat eater; a vegan a massive 80%.  Animals use energy and this energy is fuelled by fossil fuels.  Cows’ farts are only part of the problem and are a relatively small problem compared to the deforestation and energy needed to fatten [...]

6 Dreadful Questions to Ask a Non-Flyer

Are you scared of flying? What happens when you want to go on holiday? What if we need to send you somewhere for work? Do you not get board? Are trains not too unreliable?  Is it not expensive to take the train? Are you scared of flying? This question is the automatic question that people [...]