The Greenwash Party

Whole countries are now Greenwashing.  188 States have now ratified the Kyoto Protocol, however few will reach their targets.  The UK, France, Germany and Sweden probably will, but the UK and Germany have largely managed this through deinustrialisation, France through Nuclear and Sweden is the only true Green that has achieved it through tax reform.  [...]

Flying’s Free Ride Means Runaway Climate Chaos

There is one form of transport that is  an extreme climate killer, the fastest expanding source of CO2, and that is of little economic benefit: Flying will destroy the planet.  What is most devastating is that it is supported through government subsidies and is therefore superficially cheap.  We need to correct this or all the [...]

6 Dreadful Questions to Ask a Non-Flyer

Are you scared of flying? What happens when you want to go on holiday? What if we need to send you somewhere for work? Do you not get board? Are trains not too unreliable?  Is it not expensive to take the train? Are you scared of flying? This question is the automatic question that people [...]