English then Double Climate Change: Education Against Climate Chaos

Education is heralded as a pillar of our modern society.  Could it therefore and should it be used to make a society of super green citizens.  Citizens that understand why they should buy more expensive energy saving devices and who do not moan about the number of bins they need to sort their rubbish into. [...]

Scaring People Is Not the Answer to Combatting Climate Change

The world is going to burn and man is going to have to get used to a world that cannot support it. Millions will be forced to fight for their base existence. Such sentences according to a new study  by the University of California, Berkley rather than resulting in people to act on climate change [...]

Insure Ourselves Against Global Warming

Insurance is dull, however this industry could stop Global Warming.  Its financial incentive to save us from ourselves is huge.  Oil, king Coal or big cars are threated by climate regulation; the insurance industry from the coming storm.  The industry that compensates risk is seeing its risks magnify and intensify year on year.  Other industries [...]

Global Warming Demands Leadership

The fight against global warming needs a leader.  Europe, China and the USA continue to flounder.  The USA’s latest failure in the fight is the abandonment of the climate legislation.  America the great leader has failed again.  When and who will lead the world to a decarbonised economy, the Americans, the Europeans, the Chinese?  Currently [...]

Golden Bullets: Slaying the Climate Change Beast

Humanities continuous rise to superiority has been accomplished due to technology.  Technology or rather technology advances should now lead us away from our biggest challenge, climate change.  However the reality is that we may have to just dig in and work with the tools we have.  Here are some of the Golden Bullets that have [...]