The Model & the Hippy: What Can Environmentalists Learn From fashion?

Child labour, water pollution, fur and throwaway society: can environmentalists really learn anything from the fashion industry? At first glance the answer is a straight out no for me. The two interest groups are at the opposite ends of the green scale, but maybe environmentalists need to think again. The fashion industry has supposedly greened [...]

Green Tips & False Realities

In the fight for sustainability and environmental stability what people belief as good is often the opposite.  Through false information, ignorance and greed man is walking into oblivion by not understanding the full connectivity of the natural system and the affect of his actions. After zooming into work on my bike I am hot and [...]

Three Reasons Why Green Communities are Negative for Climate Action & The Real Solution

Ideas of Green communities are dangerous.  I find myself reading posts from my favourite bloggers, but as soon as they mention this I feel queasy and believe we are walking down the wrong garden path.  The latest was by Zachary Shahan on PlanetSave “Going Green Tip 2: Get into a Green Community (or Green Communities)”.   [...]