Green Tip # 3 Insulate Yourself

Year on year our Homes are getting warmer and warmer.  The result is (apart from dry skin) massive impacts on the Environment.  Households are responsible for 27% of CO2 emissions in the UK (Environmental Change Institute, 2005) and heating is the main culprit. Instead of heating the space around us we should work on our personal [...]

Green Tip #1: Fly Less

So maybe it is not yet the biggest evil in the world, but flying is growing up to be a major source of CO2.  It is the fastest growing source of carbon dioxide and our weekend trips with the most inefficient form of transport (apart from Space travel) mean that our personal carbon footprints are [...]

Green Tips: Video Blog

Quiet-Environmentalist’s Green Tips Video Blog (that’s a mouthful) is here! The video blog does what it says on the tin.  I discuss my hopes, fears and frustrations that I meet in my daily life. Communication is easier through Video and also some people prefer watching rather than reading (it also gives me a break from [...]