Is the Green Movement Greenscaring?

Increasing renewable energy share, dropping oil and coal use, plummeting investment in coal mining and shale oil, technological advances in the electric car and solar panels: Are the cogs of the market economy shifting quicker to a green stable economy than the green movement is willing to admit?  Is the Green Movement guilty of Greenscaring [...]

Global Warming Demands Leadership

The fight against global warming needs a leader.  Europe, China and the USA continue to flounder.  The USA’s latest failure in the fight is the abandonment of the climate legislation.  America the great leader has failed again.  When and who will lead the world to a decarbonised economy, the Americans, the Europeans, the Chinese?  Currently [...]

Cities Will Save Us

The failures of climate conferences such as Copenhagen 2009 are said to be fatal.  However failure at the state level does not necessarily mean we are all going to soon have water up to our necks.  Mayors and not presidents, prime ministers or parliaments, set some of the most ambitious climate goals.  50% now live [...]

Ban the Baby

Probably the least discussed way to reduce man’s impact is removing babies from the equation.  We don’t like to talk about this in our democratic countries because it sounds like something that an ecofascist would think up.  However the reality is we don’t need a dictatorship to enact this rule.  We just need to get [...]

Why No English Greenpeace Magazine?

I need help. I discovered a great German magazine when I first moved to Germany. Greenpeace Magazin ( in German). What a great idea! What annoys me is that there is no English equivalent. Does anyone know why not? Greenpeace Magazin is great. In depth articles with everything from asbestos to whaling covered, interviews with [...]

Euphoria: 1st Green UK MP

The first Green in the UK, Caroline Lucas, did not only make history in the UK, but also the World.  The first Green MP elected by the First Past the Post electoral system: a true milestone.  30 Years after the first Green Party was founded in Germany and 27 Years after 27 MPs flooded into [...]