Green Banking: I’m Now Carbon Negative

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Green Banking: I’m Now Carbon Negative

Bad Banks and the Finance institutions that have brought our economy to its knees are not got for us and they are definitely not good for the environment.  The World’s banks largely continue to profit from the exploitation of the environment, people and the use of our atmosphere as a cesspit for carbon dioxide.  By [...]

We Can All Make BP Pay!

The Oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is another example of a big company not taking its social responsibility seriously and a prime example of Greenwashing. The leak goes on, but BP’s priorities lie elsewhere. Its Image! BP has bought keywords in Google/Bing/Yahoo since the full scale of the disaster unfolded. It is now [...]


Maybe I am just anti-social but LOHAS turn my stomach.  Lifestyles of Health and sustainability; the name is enough to make me feel queasy.  So what is this super new Lifestyle and will it save us from the rising tide? It’s about being cool.  With all hobbies and interests there is something about image and [...]

Siemens is Beyond Petroleum

Greenwashing is rampant and deadly.  Why? Because Greenwashing spreads misinformation and we sleep into climate chaos.  It makes us believe that nuclear power is green, that big power firms are trying their hardest to harness renewables, but the truth is dripping in to the Gulf of Mexico everyday.  Sorry I mean gushing into the Ocean [...]