Deepwater Horizon, Fukushima: A Boost For Green Energy?

After every disaster humanity adapts.  The earthquake that destroyed Kobe, Japan in 1995 meant massive amounts was invested in safe proofing Japan’s infrastructure for future quakes.  The recent death & destruction in Japan was not caused by the earthquake but rather the Tsunami that breached many of the Tsunami defenses.  Japan will probably rebuild the [...]

Why Are Electricity Prices Increasing With the Use of Renewables?

Most countries are seeing above inflation electricity price rises. Renewables’ promise to provide cheap, abundant green electricity does not seem to be coming true. In some countries, for example Germany, the prices are rising with increasing use of renewable electricity. In January 2011 German electricity prices will rise again by an average of 6.9 % [...]

Renewable Energy: The Possibilities Are Endless

Renewable Energy’s growth can be dramatic, just look at Portugal, Germany, Spain or California in recent years. Renewable Energy is booming and the technological advances are hitting the headlines like celebrity scandals.  Are we actually on the brink of safe, endless, clean energy for everybody and what does it mean in the fight against Climate [...]

Fossil Fuels Grip on the Modern World: False Subsidies?

Politicians tell us that we are dependent on oil because there is alternative.  Oil is what makes the world go round.  If that is the case why does the industry receive so much in subsidies? “If you put together tax breaks, feed-in tariffs and other forms of government support, the renewable energy industry received between [...]

Golden Bullets: Slaying the Climate Change Beast

Humanities continuous rise to superiority has been accomplished due to technology.  Technology or rather technology advances should now lead us away from our biggest challenge, climate change.  However the reality is that we may have to just dig in and work with the tools we have.  Here are some of the Golden Bullets that have [...]