Tesco is Society

We have become a society of want.  This was highlighted to me by a Tesco billboard “Get a new phone every twelve months with our mobile contract”. When and why have we decided that we need a new phone every year? Our society has slowly developed into a monster.  After the World War the Western World found peace but so did capitalism and consumption.  Without breaks in the patterns of consumption, capitalism and growth, the world has turned into an ever more wasteful and destructive society.  Even though it is now largely at peace with itself, its onslaught on the planet and the weakest in society carries on.

Tesco highlights this very nicely.

It started with Supermarkets and then adapted them so that they could push their way into every high street in England.  Not happy with possessing the UK market, it spread abroad and now it is diversifying into every possible branch: banking, communication insurance and others.

Tesco represents the monster of society.  Oxfam is a British charity and a couple of years ago they started selling fairtrade chocolate.  They were one of the first.  Tesco saw this trend.  This week I went into Oxfam to buy some chocolate knowing well and good that I could get it cheaper in Tesco.  The lady at the desk informed me that they were going to stop selling it.  Tesco’s competition was too fierce.

The monster is now even competing with Charity.  We need to wake up and start realising what sort of society we are creating.  Without regulation to stop firms getting so big and so greedy that they even compete with Charity shops we will one day wake up to blue striped houses, trains plastered with the slogan “Every little helps” and a life of tedious supermarket filled high streets.  My home town is already showing the signs of decay.  Five or so shops all closed and five or so Tescos in all shapes and sizes.  The slogan “Every little Helps” is really a warning to modern society that they really are prepared to take everything.

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2 Responses to “Tesco is Society”

  1. This post is spot on. I agree about the trend for contracts having a ‘new phone every year’ promise. I use the same phone until it completely dies and it has never done me any harm – I get a great ‘sim only’ contract with 02 and honestly have no desire to get a different one which involves a yearly phone. My partner gets hopelessly excited by this annual offering, but it is just consumerism gone mad.

    I find it deeply saddening that Oxfam had to give up selling fairtrade chocolate. What really annoys me is the way Tesco likes to present itself as a moral police force (for example, I read an article recently in which the top dog at Tesco pontificated on supermarkets selling alcohol at a loss – this article was opposite a page spread advert of Tesco offers on beers for the world cup!) Yet they are deeply unethical in their own activities.

    • Quiet-Environmentalist says:

      Great Comment Ethicalblogger. Thanks!

      An excellent example of the corporate greenwash/ socialwash that Tesco is up to. Cheap alcohol, food labels, healthy eating, fair prices for farmers, organic, town centre revival…the list is pretty endless when it comes to where Tesco talks green/social and then does the exact opposite.

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