We Can All Make BP Pay!

The Oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is another example of a big company not taking its social responsibility seriously and a prime example of Greenwashing. The leak goes on, but BP’s priorities lie elsewhere. Its Image! BP has bought keywords in Google/Bing/Yahoo since the full scale of the disaster unfolded. It is now pouring millions into TV adverts. Across all mediums BP is working hard to scrub that Image clean. $50 million so far.

An interesting example is buying the search terms of Google, Bing and Yahoo. BP wants you on their webpage and therefore is now attacking Google with ads.  This destroys free speech as people absorb what BP says and not what CNN, BBC or the Associated Report says.

The image shows an example of a current Google Ad. For BP’s advert to appear they have booked these keywords and every time someone clicks on their ad, they pay. They are marketing their way out of the crisis. Why are they paying for these clicks? Simple. By buying these clicks they are controlling the source of information that people absorb.  Of course with a bit of Beyond Petroleum green.

Here is a list of search terms that they are bidding for on the search engines.  I found these in five minutes:

Oil Spill
Oil Company
Oil Disaster
Gulf of Mexico
Obama Oil
Oil Clean Up
Mexico Spill
USA Spill
Deep Water Horizon
Deepwater Horizon
Oil Platform
Oil Platform Spill
Oil Platform Disaster

If you know other search terms post them here!

Now, there are 13 search terms here, and every time someone clicks on BP’s “Helping” Ad  that costs BP probably about 50 cent.  So that is around $7 in total. So get on down to Google and get clicking. Be careful. If you click a lot of times with the same search term, Google will think you are being malicious and will not charge BP! Spend three mins every other day clicking and why not at your work computer too!

The website behind the ad does not have pictures of dead birds and turtles soaked in oil. It has sunsets, oil rigs and workers cleaning already clean beaches. We need to make this firm pay. Let’s help push BP into bankruptcy!

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