Why No English Greenpeace Magazine?

I need help. I discovered a great German magazine when I first moved to Germany. Greenpeace Magazin (greenpeace-magazin.de in German). What a great idea! What annoys me is that there is no English equivalent. Does anyone know why not?

Greenpeace Magazin is great. In depth articles with everything from asbestos to whaling covered, interviews with the heads of big companies and politicians, and easy steps to save the world. It has a part called “What we can learn from others?” This is my favourite idea because it scans the world for great environmental saving tips. Here’s one for Greenpeace UK/USA: Start an English Magazine! If the German version can find a market with just 100 million German speakers, what readership could the English version reach?

The Magazine is quite pricey. However what I love about it (over the free leaflets that Greenpeace members get) is that it is more based on education than on protest and campaigns. It is full with Greenpeace propaganda.  However it just shows how the world could be different without asking for anything directly. Every two months when it pops into my post box I know I am in for an educational treat.

I find Greenpeace more compelling when they are not trying to get another chunk of my wallet. It also opens environmentalism up to the masses.  The ones that instantly turn away from NGO membership, but are totally up for an interesting magazine for that long train ride.

I am glad that I learnt German so that I could learn from others. Now why can’t Greenpeace learn from itself? We need to protest against Greenpeace for the sake of the environment!

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