Yeah But China Builds a New Coal Plant Every Two Weeks

This statement does not mention that China is also erecting a wind turbine every two hours.   Quick let us forget that statistic and concentrate on how big China is instead. The argument goes that WE are paralyzed into inaction because THEY are polluting more and more.  Political ideologies can be weak; this one is downright murder.

The Chinese do build a new coal plant every week: True and horrifying.

If the UK economy shut up shop, China would have replaced its CO2 in two years: Also true.

This argument fails to mention that China puts up a new Wind Turbine every two hours, by 2020 it will have doubled the world’s wind capacity, its solar industry controls a third of the market, its standards for car efficiency are higher than the USA, its per head capita is “only” 5.1 Tons.  Climate Change will kill us if we follow such weak ideologies (by us I mean the species that currently inhabit this planet).

Using China as a scapegoat is useless and here is Why:

Historical CO2 Emissions: The West Needs to Pay Up

From 1900 to 2004 the USA emitted the most CO2  (314,772m metric tonnes of carbon dioxide), while the European countries such as Germany (73,625) and the UK (55,163) also signed the death sentence of the polar bear.  Developing nations such as India (25,054), Brazil (9,136) and Indonesia (6,167), and bad old China (89,243) are trailing behind (Especially when you consider the size of the populations behind the figures).  The warming that is taking place today: that is causing floods or drought in China, burning Russian villages or causing crop failures in Africa is due to the Western World.

Morally the Western World should act harder and faster because this is our pollution.  The Science is only twenty years old, but should not those that have got rich from burning stuff, not try and reverse their destructive ways first instead of blaiming a poor country?  The West does not think so.  Instead the West says you cannot develop how we did.  So what should China do? Carry on living in poverty while we drive and fly more and more.

Cutting our Per Capita CO2 will mean massive falls in living standards.  Really?

The Per Capita Emissions (2007) for selected countries and in Brackets their Human Development Index Ranking (HDI, 2009)

More carbon does not mean better living standards.  Why does Sweden, number 7 HDI, almost have the same per Capita CO2 has the number 92?  Why does the number one emit half the CO2 of the number 2?

This  shows how the Western World is failing miserably.  The greenwashing that whole countries carry out (Read the Greenwash Party’s Maifesto) means inaction on a massive scale and here it is clear to see the results of greenwash.  High living standards are possible with relatively low carbon dioxide emissions.  Relatively low because the 5.1 tons that every Swede emits is still too much, but is it really impossible for the  USA to reduce its CO2 by 75% while maintaining its living standards?

China does also have a lot of work when you consider how many people are still in poverty, but the list of climate killers is dominated by the West.

Let the Mass Murder Carry On?

When Hitler was murdering his way through Europe did we say, well if you cannot beat him, join him? No.   China and the West are not directly murdering People, but indirectly they are.  The West cannot morally stop China from developing unless it shows that we can all be rich and have a low impact on the environment.  Without this, the slaughter will not stop and there will be a genocide that man has never before experienced.

Are we going to carry on supplying the gas for the gas chambers?  Are we really going to carry on using China as the reason for inaction?

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